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Precious metals are continuing to take off like crazy. I invested in them a couple hundred dollars back and believe they will continue to climb. My question to you guys is, do you think precious metals will continue to climb or flat line and go back down, and why. I believe they will continue to climb so long as the government continues to print funny money and keeps on digging that debt grave. Gold has gone up over $60 in the past week.

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I work in a pawn shop and when I started in 2003 gold was between $800-$900 an ounce and we would buy gold like crazy when it peaked over $900. When the economy is not doing so well it goes up. When the economy levels out again, I believe that gold will drop slightly and level out as well. As for now gold will continue to fluctuate but keep a steady rise, which is why you now see where everyone is advertising that they are buying gold and even silver, we never took silver because it wasn't nearly as profitable as gold. However now silver is making its way up as well.
You bring up a ggod point. Metals have always been an indicater of a strong or weak economy. With our economy in the jam that it is in I believe it will continue to climb. I just got an add from the metals retailer that purchase all of my stuff from asking if I wanted to sell it back to them at $40 over market price. So long as the dollar stays weak it will continue to rise. If your goning to start a business now you need to be careful.

Anthony, I believe gold and silver prices will explode in the very near future.  When our economy hits rock bottom I believe we will see historical records in both of these precious metals.  The demand for silver and even copper will skyrocket as countries like China are experiencing their own industrial revolution.  From my research, silver and copper are resources that the world is running out of but they are both needed for electronics, medical, and other applications.  Get them while they are cheap!



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