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 This discussion is really about SEO and SMM for resumes and online searches in Yahoo Hot Jobs, Monster, and Carrier Builder. It is important when you are first writing your resume to keep Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing in mind because your resume is a lesson in self promotion. It can determine whither you get the job that you want or not.  as for formatting your resumes for posting on any of the above sights what you want to do is left align everything, Absolutely no tables or bullets and keep the formating simple the font should be 12pt and times new roman or arial font no fancy stuff its hard to read and will trun a potential employer off.


Any thoughts post to this


thanks another blog post will be up tomorrow   

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What are some of the impacts that we should be aware of?



Prof Manzano

Its all about personal marketing SEO and SMM will dramatically increse your resumes chances of being seen by potential employers.  In order to get true attention too your resume on the mentioned sites you have to pay for it that will truly increase your chances of being seen by employers.
That is why I choose to use the same process Brian mentioned, but also give them the option to download my full graphic version as a PDF...  Like so...



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