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Do You Believe That Taco Bell Is Defending Themselves From The Media Slander?


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I don't think Taco Bell is defending itself from the media slander.  I think the seasoning used in their meat has been attributed to lessening the quality of their meat.  I'm not saying the meat is top quality, but if fast food "joints" used top quality meat, they wouldn't be able to offer $0.59, $0.69, or even $0.99 items on their menu.  The quality has been good enough for the public for years and is still considered tasty enough by the majority of the public.  The negative attention is simply a ruse to force Taco Bell sales down and other businesses (i.e., Taco Bueno) sales up.  I dine at both facilities, and do not condemn either for their actions.  Business is business.  If you're eating at places like Taco Bell and McDonald's, you're clearly not a health food fanatic in the first place.  If you feel the food is too unhealthy, stop eating it.  And as far as the food being in any way toxic (beyond just being junk food, that is), the FDA would certainly not have permitted Taco Bell to stay in business were there even a remote chance of that being true.  Happy eating!  :-D
I would have to disagree with you.  Reason is because any meat regardless should be top quality.  Meat that is not top quality could make people sick.  All meat should be 100% "beef".  The public should know if any restaurants are cutting corners in order to make a profit and save money.  I think we should take in consideration that anything is possible during these hard times that, our economy is currently experiencing and organizations are out to make a "buck" anyway possible.  Far as the media i don't think they trying to slander Taco Bell I think they are just trying to inform the public. 
Thanks for your input.  Would you please do a short survey

I have to agree. If your dinning at a fast food resteraunt than you are going to have to expect to get what you paid for. Whatever it is I just had some the other day and it was dam good. :)
LOL   Eloquently put, Anthony!  ;-D
Of course they are. They have too much riding on public perspective of them and their brand. A critical blow to their reputation would take years to recover from if it doesn't outright kill them. They have taken out full page advertisements across the nation to crow about the recent lawsuit dismissal which came out in their favor. My one question is they say 12% of their beef is "other ingredients" and yet, they insist there are no fillers, just what constitutes that 12%?!?!? 12% by volume means there is something else in the "meat mix" in my opinion...Frank H

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One of the issues that I am having is what percentage thaey say it really is. Here is an ad that they have run about being sued. One part says that their meat is 100% USDA inspected. Further down they say it is 88% beef and 12% secret recipe. Now is it 100% beef or is their 88% beef inspected 100% of the time?

When I cook I don't use percentages, the beef I buy is 93/7, 93% beef 3% fat. If their beef is 88% that would make their fat content 12%. When my beef is cooked it is still moist and juicy, so they should not have to add 3% water to their already 12% fat content to make it moist and juicy. Then further they breakdown the percentages in the recipe

 So could all this confusion and controversy be in their wording?

Taken directly from Taco Bell's website.

They are definatey defending themselves as they should.

Do I have an issue wuth the mixture they use I do not. I worked as a food processor several years ago. You may be suprised to here that to say fortified with vitaman C may mean ading a frozen can of concentrated lemon  or orange juice to the mix of another juice based on volume. Or that I added hydrogen peroxide to egg whites when making egg substatute. All these companies add something for coloring or texture. Carotine was added to the egg for coloring when making scrambles.

So when I read the article I take the 88% as the overall mixture of the meet being 88% beef. That beef is 100% inspected and approved and is pure beef. To put this into context for you at home your sphagetti meet is 100% beef but after adding spices or sauce it is now 80% beef but still 100% inspected beef.

As a matter of fact I now want a stuffed burrito so here I go.

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Prof Manzano

Hear hear!!  :-D   I agree - plain beef is plain tasteless.  By the time I get done seasoning my 93% beef, it's probably closer to 83% beef and I've been told tastes somewhat like sausage.  :-)



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