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As current and past students you are well aware of the time that is necessary to complete a weeks worth of academic work that is a high and possible scholarly effort.  I ask of you to provide your best time management techniques that you use, this will not only benefit you, but will assist all that read this posting... I know most of you are procrastinators.... so tell me what works for you..


I look foward to your conversation and reply.



Shaun Manzano


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Yes inDEED, I have my moments of procrastination as I have the attention span of a fruit fly.  But!  When I DO focus on a task and look into working it out in a timely fashion.  The 1st thing I do is look into EVERY gap of time I have to work on it.  Being a commuter, I have small windows of down time which usualy end up serving as my time to work closer to the completion of my task.
As I am a professional procrastinator, I will give it my best shot.  :-)   First of all, as soon as I am able to get into the course I spend as much time possible printing out all pertinent information available for the class.  Then I can carry the printed information with me to review and/or take notes as time permits.  I spend ever spare moment ruminating over the topic, which is particularly helpful with English classes as it gives me time to rephrase my work before I even put it on paper.  I then Google the heck out of the topic and locate a wealth of relative information, copy and print that information to a Word document, and print and carry that with me as well.  I write in segments, eliminating sources that are only minimally informative or redundant as I go along, then piece it together at the end and fill in any blanks, such as transitional statements, introduction, or conclusion.  I essentially take the assignment to go, so that I'm not tied down to a computer to access or work on it, with the exception of typing as needed.  I don't mean to imply that the internet is the best source for information - if possible, articles, books, etc. are generally more reliable.  I hope that something in this hodgepodge of rhetoric is helpful in some way.  Best of luck!



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