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 This is a great discussion going on currently and I believe that your opinions would greatly the majority of what the public thinks about the topic.   I want to here you opinions and thoughts....


Here is a video:

Donald Trump talks to  Greta Van Susteren about running for president in 2012, speaking at CPAC and which of the last four presidents he admires most. (

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First of all, why is the U.S. all in other countries business in the first place.  Our government spends so much money trying to make peace elsewhere and the U.S. already has problems from with in.  Trump may be a good business man, but a president?  With all the billions he has, what has he done for the less fortunate?

Right.... Have you research some of the shows.. or even what he has done over the past decade?  Let me know.


Prof Manzano

I wish he would. But strategicly it would be best for him to wait til 2016.

What will happen in 2016?  Thanks for your reply.

PRof Manzano

I don't believe he could beat Obama right now. I think his best bet would be to utilize this time wisely to jockey himself into a great position for what could be an extremely effective 2016 run. Right now the major majority of Americans only see him as a business man and with the anti CEO retoric going on now he would be best served by using this to his advantage as much as possible while simultaneously changing the publics view of him from business leader to a leader of the people.

Good point... Positioning, is the key.

Prof Manzano

i dont think that he would unless he thought that it would be a good tax write off hes to busy planing home bussiness for people to start their own bussiness


Wow, great response..... What about the video... did you like how he addressed some of the key issues that are currently affecting our economy?


Prof Manzano

yes he did make good points
yes ,,, he did make great points about whats happening in our country  with the economy, that we need to pay more atenion tour own country instead of everyone elses
I think he had a lot of good points about our Nations economy. Maybe what we need is a President who can run the country like a successful business. If that were the case, then Donald Trump would be a very strong candidate for that. He certainly has been successful and should be able to create a cabinet that would act upon his overall agenda like he has done with his businesses.

just would like to chime in on this right now. I have been following this discussion for a while now and the likely hood of "Donald Trump" Running for the Presidency of the united States is a very real Likely hood. Our nation is already on the brink of an economic collapse greater that the great depression and this is a real threat. "Obama' is the main player behind this for one single reason the multibillion dollar bailout of the auto makers with other key point that drive our economy. Obama will more than likely be a one term president we need some one like Donald trump in the white house during this time of coming turmoil to set congress on its head.  Fix the mess of an economy that Obama, Bush and Clinton have created. Hear me out, If our debt goes up any more we face an economic melt down and will lose our status as the world currency. when this happens their will be chaos Riots, Runs on banks, Joblessness on a massive scale, it will get to the point of the government imposing martial law. And we may already be past the point of no return for this to happen so be warned and don't say I didn't tell you that this would happen. Because I am warning you now, when gas prices hit six dollars a gallon if not more by the end of summer things will begin to change quickly. Because everything will go up to compensate for the gas prices.  Imagine paying six dollar for a gallon of milk or even 5 dollar for a loaf of bread. I could go on and on about this but, I will let this digest and sink in, if Americas debts are not brought under control this is a very real threat. You think I am crazy well i am quite sane and Americans have become complacent and sedentary and not active in local politics. "Donald Trump" is extremely, what we need to wake this nation up and make it face the facts that soon Our country's debt is going to be so large that other nations of the world will not lend the United States any more money the will cut us off and this will end our way of life that we have all become use to. 



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