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Many people think that the reading culture is going to become nonexistent in the next few years. They blame this trend on the fact that the younger generations are more interested in watching movies and TV shows about the books rather than reading them. While it is true that many people find it easier to watch movies, there are many advantages to reading fantasy books as opposed to only watching the movies about them. If you have ever read a fantasy book then watched the movie based on the book you will find that there are several discrepancies between the books and the movies. Movies are made to capture your attention. They will therefore focus on some parts of the book and leave out other parts that may not seem important to them. However, with a fantasy book you will get the full deal. Every single detail of the story will be included. Many people complain that reading books is a cumbersome task. Well it doesn’t have to be. You can read a section of the book everyday or as often as you like. You can even leave it for a long time and come back to it. The great thing about fantasy books is that you take them in at your own pace. You don’t have to read the whole book in one day. It doesn’t matter what type of fantasy books you enjoy, whether they are gaming or science fiction novels. They all give you the opportunity to create an image of the heroine or hero to your liking. You create your own world within your mind. Reading a fantasy novel is like climbing aboard a magic carpet and flying to a new world that has yet to be explored by anyone else. If you are interested in fantasy books, you should visit the 1969 online bookstore. There are a wide range of fantasy books from gaming to science fiction novels. You will also get a wide range of books that are Non Fiction. These Non Fiction books include amazing stories of real ordinary people as well as self help and motivational books. There is something for everyone at 1969. If you aren’t sure about a title, simply click on the links to read a little more about the books. You can also get used books at a lower price. You don’t have to spend too much time looking for books as they are arranged by category. Buying and reading books couldn’t be easier. K1 fantasy K2 gaming K3 Science Fiction

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